Fonction : DR CNRS

Tél : +33 4 72 72 80 52

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Unité d'appartenance : Laboratoire de Biologie et Modélisation de la Cellule

Responsable d'unité : Didier Auboeuf

Code unité : UMR 5239   Institut : INSB    Section principale : 21

Ville : Lyon  Délégation régionale : DR7


Nom de l'équipe : Systems Biology of Decision Making (SBDM)

Responsable : Olivier GANDRILLON

site web :


Thématique de l'équipe (< 10 lignes) :

The main interest of our group consists in understanding how metazoan cells take decisions, which can either be the “right” one (in a normal setting) or the “wrong” one in the case of pathological processes.
We abide by the following principles:
1. Decision-making is by essence a process that operates at the cellular level. This implies that only single-cell analysis can inform us on the proper behaviour of the molecular decision-making processes.
2. Cells should be considered as dynamical systems. This implies that both dedicated data analysis and modelling tools will be required to correctly understand and predict the cellular behaviour.
3. Decision-making is a complex process that results from the underlying dynamical functioning of a Gene Regulatory Network (GRN). This implies that the inference of such GRNs is one of our main tasks.
4. Biochemical reactions such that operating in the GRN are intrinsically noisy. Not only does such a “noise” becomes unavoidable at the single cell level, but it is getting increasingly recognized as a rich source of information regarding the dynamical behaviour of the  underlying GRN. This implies that specific attention will be directed toward the shape of the observed distributions.

Techniques utilisées :

Techniques de biologie moléculaire et cellulaire
Rapporteurs fluorescents
Vidéomicroscopie sur cellules uniques en temps réel
Modélisation stochastique de l’expression génique
Transcriptomique en cellules uniques
Spectroscopie de fluctuation à haute résolution temporelle
Suivi de particules en 4D

Mots clés (thématiques et/ou techniques; <10) :

Stochasticité - Modèles - Expression génique – Métabolisme – Cellule unique – Molécule unique