BUCKLE Malcolm

Fonction : DR2 (CNRS)

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Mail : buckle@lbpa.ens-cachan.fr


Unité d'appartenance : UMR 8113 (LBPA)
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Gif sur Yvette
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Nom de l'équipe : Biophotonique des Interactions Moléculaires
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Thématique de l'équipe (< 10 lignes) :  Chromatin Organisation: a Regulatory Dynamic Analysis. Chromatin structure is both dynamic and highly organised. The major goal of this project is to investigate the nature of structural transitions both at the local level of promoter structure and at the global level of folding and unfolding of the chromatin fibre. Malcolm Buckle and Brigitte Hartmann apply the technique of PhAST (Photochemical Analysis of Structural Transitions) to study the dynamics of assembly and disassembly of nucleosomes using specifically designed sequences as well as natural sequences. A second project is being set up in collaboration with Japan to apply PhAST to an in vivo analysis of chromosome mapping and remodelisation in C. elegans.

Techniques utilisées :

UV laser photofootprinting (PhAST); AFM; Real time DNA footprinting; robotics; Capillary DNA sequencing; NextGen sequencing (nanopore)

Mots clés (thématiques et/ou techniques; <10) :

Chromatin; Regulation of Gene expression; Macromolecular complexes; dynamics of nucleoprotein complex formation. Laser photofootrpinting