Fonction : DR CNRS

Tél : 01 40 79 37 08    Fax : 01 40 79 37 05

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Unité d'appartenance :

Responsable d'unité : Carine Giovannangeli

Code unité : CNRS UMR7196 -Inserm U565           Institut :INC         Section principale : 16

Ville : Paris             Délégation régionale :IdF est - Thiais


Thématique de l'équipe (< 10 lignes) :

In summary, the team project relies on:

Development of novel chemical and protein-based nucleases with sequence-specific activity. We focus on nucleases showing DNA cutting activity mimicking biological lesions like oxydative breaks, as original tools for DNA repair studies. This work also includes the optimization and the design of sequence-specific DNA agents.

Study of DNA repair of chemically complex lesions. We characterize double-strand break repair complexes by biochemical analyses and we study the nature of repair products and the requirement of specific repair proteins by functional assays in cells.

Characterization of molecular mechanisms of chromosomal translocation rearrangements and their role in oncogenesis.

Techniques utilisées :

Molecular biology  for DNA analysis (electrophoresis, qPCR, DNA cloning, sequencing, …)

Biochemistry for characterization of DNA-protein complexes  (affinity purification of DNA-protein complexes and mass spectrometry analysis, activity assays in vitro)

Engieneered nucleases

Cell culture (including stem cells)

Cell Imaging : immunofluorescence, FISH, FACS analysis

Mots clés (thématiques et/ou techniques; <10) :

Double-strand break repair, translocation, biochemical analysis of NHEJ complexes, sequence-specific nucléases