Fonction : CRCN CNRS
Tél : 01 56 24 64 44
Mail : ines.drinnenberg@curie.fr


Unité d'appartenance : Nuclear Dynamics
Responsable d'unité : Angela Taddei
Code unité : UMR3664     Institut : INSB     Section principale : 21
Ville : Paris     Délégation régionale : Paris centre DR2


Nom de l'équipe : Evolution of centromeres and chromosome segregation
Responsable : Ines Drinnenberg
Site web : https://drinnenberg-lab.com/

Thématique de l'équipe (< 10 lignes) :
The lab focuses on the evolution of centromeric regions, using the silkworm Bombyx mori as a model organism. B. mori has an unconventional centromere organization, called holocentric, where chromosomes have no primary constriction point for kinetochore formation and  spindle attachment during mitosis, but instead have multiple spindle attachment points all along their length. In addition to their essential role for chromosome segregation, the position and organization of centromeres along chromosomes have been shown to be majors players in the spatial genome architecture. Thus, the study of organisms with a drastically different centromeric organization will bring new insights into their function in 3D architecture.
Techniques utilisées :
Molecular and cellular biology, ChIP-seq, Hi-C, ImmunoFluorescence, RNAi, bioinformatics
Mots clés (thématiques et/ou techniques; <10) :
Evolution, Holocentromeres, Comparative Genomics, Genome Organization, 3D architecture, Hi-C.